Below outlines the key advantages of Bramble Energy’s PCBFC compared to traditional fuel cell technologies.

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The hydrogen fuelled PCBFC™ combines a number of patent protected innovative features including a unique lightweight PCB construction, optimised internal flow field design and an advanced electrode anti-corrosion passivation layer.


The PCBFC™ is highly versatile with its light weight, adaptable form factor and low cost making it the ideal choice for all polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell applications. Individual modules can be manufactured to suit specific design and space requirements and modules can be stacked to provide a range of power outputs.

Low Cost

Well-established PCB fabrication techniques allows for rapid adaptation and manufacture of PCBFC™ modules, whilst keeping construction costs low. The PCBFC’s™ unique manufacturing route also makes it amenable to low volume production requirements which allows for significant cost reduction for higher volumes.


Bramble Energy’s unique patent protected fuel cell manufacturing route allows us to contract manufacture our fuel cells at almost any printed circuit board (PCB) factory in the world. This means we are the only fuel cell manufacturer capable of supplying gigawatts of fuel cell hardware at any given time, a feat the battery industry has spent and is spending $Bn’s to achieve.


Using a laminated construction method, the PCBFC™ is physically robust and shock-resistant. Our proprietary metal passivation technology inhibits chemical degradation allowing long operating lifespans; demonstrated through long-term prototype testing with extensive mechanical strain tests that have exceeded industry standards.