Stationary Power

Bramble Energy’s PCBFC can give you power where you need it

Fuel cells are increasingly being used for low power stationary applications such as cabin power, surveillance, work site & event lighting and performance monitors for critical infrastructure such as oil & gas pipelines etc. They are a perfect replacement for diesel generators where the user requires a long term off grid power solution that needs very little maintenance. And of course, unlike diesel generators, fuel cells are almost silent and produce no emissions or particulates at the point of use.

What about batteries? Did you know that a fuel cell powering low power applications such as LED lighting or an alarm system (around 10 W) coupled with a small 20 kg hydrogen cylinder could last almost 2 months without ‘recharging’. The equivalent of this is 250 kg of lead acid batteries or 80 kg of lithium ion batteries. But lets not forget, not only do you have to transport these batteries you’ve then got to recharge them (hopefully not too far away) or just change over your 20 kg hydrogen cylinder.

We think the choice is clear … So whether you’re doing flood lights at a football ground or intimate poetry in the forest, we’ve got a fuel cell solution for you. Why not get in touch to find out more about our range of stationary fuel cell products by clicking on the button below.


Portable and stationay power can come in a variety of sizes, both physically and in terms of power output. Check out our products page HERE to learn more about what Bramble Energy can offer you

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