Realise the advantages of alternative fuels

Bramble fuel cells can be integrated into a hybrid ecosystem or used as a full-power solution. Whether you want to replace generators, extend battery life or electrify a fleet of vehicles. Whether you’re working on-grid or off; Bramble’s hydrogen fuel cells deliver reliable, sustainable and long-lasting energy.

Our fuel cell stacks come in any size, any shape, and are completely scalable to your energy requirements. From mobility to construction to industrial use cases, our bespoke designs enable it all.

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Bramble’s PCBFC™ Advantages

  • Low cost

  • Scalable

  • Rapid

  • Customisable

  • Global

One PCB factory could manufacture 4x the world’s total fuel cell production capacity per year with Bramble’s fuel cell technology

Using existing global infrastructure, there’s the potential to produce 3 GW of Bramble Energy fuel cell modules per year

Unlimited fuel
cell applications



Take electric vehicles further with sustainable and scalable energy.



Zero emission solutions designed for safety in marine environments.


Portable Power

For power that lasts, off or on site, integrate portable hydrogen solutions.

Portable Power
  • Liquid cooled or air cooled

  • High power density

  • Industrial grade hydrogen

  • Portable or in-situ

Bramble’s fuel cells

  • Rapid iteration

    Using our PCB-X™ technology, design to delivery could take as little as 10 days.

  • Zero emission

    Our hydrogen fuel cells are zero emission at point of use – perfect for achieving environmental targets.

  • Scalable & adaptable

    If you want it in a drone wing, a car chassis, or a neat box, our technology is built for purpose.

  • Long energy life

    Run longer, change batteries less, and get continuous power with hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Custom voltage

    Our fuel cell stacks are limitlessly configured to your energy and wattage needs – from 5kW to 500kW and beyond.

  • Low maintenance

    Fuel cells are quick to refuel and lightweight, using far fewer components than alternatives.

  • Modular stacks

    The sub-components within our fuel cell range are consistent across stack sizes kW-MW, improving stack and manufacturing modularity.

Use cases

  • UAV Drone

  • Commercial car

  • Monitors

  • Lighting

  • Public transport

Harness clean energy technology today

Whether you want to test, innovate, or scale your sustainable solutions, Bramble’s proven technology and expertise can accelerate your vision.