Power the hydrogen economy with PCB electrolysers

Bramble’s electrolysers break down barriers to production. By harnessing manufacturing processes from the electronics industry, we produce high performance, very low-cost and massively scalable solutions.

We’re making electrolysers accessible – simply stack cells to meet your diverse power needs. With Bramble, we can deploy more solutions and meet the world’s demand for low-carbon hydrogen.

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Global electrolyser manufacturing capacity reached 8 GW/year in 2021

Europe’s 2023 electrolysis production capacity target is 65 GW

Investment into electrolysis projects has increased 3x since 2020





Take electric vehicles further with sustainable and scalable energy.



Zero emission solutions designed for safety in marine environments.


Portable Power

For power that lasts, off or on site, integrate portable hydrogen solutions.

Portable Power
  • Bramble’s electrolyser costs less than official targets

  • Anion exchange membrane AEM electrolysis

  • Low carbon hydrogen

Bramble’s electrolysers

  • Net Zero

    Our solution makes low-carbon, such as green hydrogen, a reality, accelerating the pathway to Net Zero.

  • Low cost

    PCB electrolysers are accessible and sustainable – reducing costs and carbon emissions compared to AEM manufacturing approaches.

  • Manufactured at scale

    Using established PCB manufacturing routes, our electrolysers can be produced rapidly at scale.

  • Responsive performance

    Our solutions can respond to variable power demands or be stacked for bigger use cases.

  • Simplified power conversion

    Using a flexible system voltage system, we save on power supply costs and improve efficiency.

  • Complementary ecosystem

    Compatible with renewable energy sources.

  • Low-risk

    Using fewer critical raw materials reduces risks associated to costs and supply.

Bramble’s electrolysers

Use cases

  • Refuelling stations

  • Cars

  • Construction sites

  • Transport hubs

Electrolyser projects

  • Bramble Energy Wins Funding for Electrolyser Feasibility Study From Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

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Whether you want to test, innovate, or scale your sustainable solutions, Bramble’s proven technology and expertise can accelerate your vision.