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PCB-X™ is accelerating decarbonisation and giving us a viable route to move away from fossil fuels. PCB-X™ solutions can be manufactured across the world today. Using printed circuit board technology, Bramble creates flexible, completely customisable, and globally accessible clean energy. We leverage the existing supply chains of a $70bn global PCB industry – delivering viable and low-cost solutions now, not in ten years.


Breaking down barriers to production

Bramble is breaking down traditional barriers to fuel cell production using existing printed circuit board production lines. We have accelerated the production of custom fuel cells from 14-16 months to 30 days. Not only does this unlock a diverse range of use cases, but it de-risks new technology and brings these solutions to market today.

Why Bramble?

  • Low cost

    We make clean energy technology cost-effective. No extra investment is needed for infrastructure or supply, while our simplified system reduces overall production costs.

  • Scalable

    We can manufacture around the globe, now, for everything from single stacks to scalable solutions or requirements.

  • Rapid

    Our product cycle is only 1 month compared to many, accelerating both your route to market and global decarbonisation efforts.

  • Adaptable

    Your need defines your solution. Our technology supports bespoke sizes, shapes, and material choices.

  • Integrates

    The highly flexible and ‘out of the box’ designs can easily be created to integrate into existing technologies for any use case.

  • Reduced risk

    We use the same production process for small or scaled applications, meaning adopting new technology is reliable and low risk.

  • Simplified systems

    Our fuel cell architecture is simplified, lighter and uses fewer components than traditional approaches – for easier production, integration and maintenance.

Unlimited applications

Bramble’s PCB-X™ platform delivers carbon-neutral energy for unlimited applications. If you’re looking for a specific performance metric, use case, or material – we’ll make it possible.



Take electric vehicles further with sustainable and scalable energy.



Zero emission solutions designed for safety in marine environments.


Portable Power

For power that lasts, off or on site, integrate portable hydrogen solutions.

Portable Power

Solution-led design

We do more than just deliver; we do end-to-end design, development and testing.

Whether you have a creative problem or a bespoke requirement, we’ll identify the core challenges, scope out your needs and see them through to their fruition in the supply chain.

We can turn your unique needs into a real solution.

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Harness clean energy technology today

Whether you want to test, innovate, or scale your sustainable solutions, Bramble’s proven technology and expertise can accelerate your vision.

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