The Successful Founder: Dr Tom Mason

The Successful Founder: Dr Tom Mason

Our CEO, Tom Mason has been featured on The Successful Founder to tell Bramble Energy’s story and what has kept him motivated on the journey from university concept to fast paced start-up

What are the key successes?

The biggest success has been growing the company from just three people including myself, to our team now of over 20 highly skilled people. After securing our Series A funding in one of the most challenging times the world has faced, Bramble is starting to become the company I always knew it could be. Launching not only our first product but a range of products this year and working with our integration partner, MAHLE Powertrain to develop our first vehicle demonstrator. It is really exciting to see our technology out of the lab and being put into real life applications.

What are your plans now/ for the future?

The goal is to see Bramble grow further and faster than we ever have before and that includes reaching international markets. We are currently in the process of securing our Round B funding later this year which will allow us to support and reach our international goals and hopefully work with more great partners as the whole world is coming together in solving the climate crisis. I truly believe our technology to be limitless.

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Tom has also given his advice on How to catch an investor’s eye in a crowded marketplace

We are all familiar with the daunting statistic that startups risk a high failure rate – 20% of businesses fail in their first year and around 60% will go bust within their first three years. One, if not the top, reason startups fail is due to insufficient financial resources. Having the funds to get started and maintain the business can require a little help from outside sources, such as an investor. While asking for money from a stranger may feel nerve racking, it can be just what you need to kickstart a thriving business. Finding the right investor requires due diligence on the company’s side. It’s not an easy process and can take time, but putting in the effort will be well worth it.

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