The European Startup Show

The European Startup Show

Our COO, Vidal Bharath has been featured on The European Startup Show talking about the journey Bramble Energy has been on including the ups, downs and why it is really important that you love what you do.


The European Startup Show was founded by Anita Moorthy as a forum for European Startups “where they can learn from each other and inspire the next generation of European unicorns.”

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[2:18] How did you come to joining Bramble as employee #1?

[6:12] How did you organize yourselves with three founders, in terms of responsibilities, in the beginning, and how that has evolved now?

[8:16] What is the right time for ideas coming out of research institutions and universities to spin out on their own?

[11:01] What is the funding journey for deep tech look like? What are some lessons learned?

[13:17] How did you operationalize your plans once the funding arrived?

[17:50] Of all the things that you have accomplished with Bramble, what are you most proud of?

[19:28] What did you do to build culture in your company that you are proud of?

[20:06] On hiring

[22:41] Are there things that happened as you grew Bramble that were challenging and now in hindsight you would handle them differently?

[24:25] What’s next for Bramble?

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