Scalability – The Gigawatt Fuel Cell Supplier

Scalability – The Gigawatt Fuel Cell Supplier

A fuel cell Gigawatt (GW) factory? Quite the claim you’re probably thinking. But Bramble Energy love using this tagline, we know that Bramble Energy is the only fuel cell manufacturer capable of supplying gigawatts of fuel cell hardware at any given time, a feat the battery industry has spent and is spending $Bn’s to achieve (just look at the Tesla factory in Nevada).

So you’re now probably picturing our giant factory somewhere churning out fuel cell systems, but no, we have no giant factory. In fact, we don’t even own a factory. Bramble Energy’s unique patent protected fuel cell manufacturing route allows us to contract manufacture our fuel cells at almost any printed circuit board (PCB) factory in the world.

Whilst PCB factories vary in output capacity and geography, their manufacturing techniques are standardised and their output is quantified by the number of panels produced per day. Each panel produced contains up to 20 Bramble Energy fuel cell modules, and with a simple recipe and standard components, the PCBFC™ has a truly global production base.

If we look at a single UK PCB manufacturer who can typically produce >250 panels per day, this would correspond to almost 30 MW per year. Away from the UK, where panel sizes can be larger and production volumes can be in excess of 25,000 panels per day per factory which equates to 3 GW of Bramble Energy fuel cell modules per year … per factory!

So, yes, perhaps we’re being a little cheeky, but hopefully you too now know where we’re coming from.

Sincerely your gigawatt fuel cell supplier

Bramble Energy

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