PCBFC Rex on Display at the Cenex LCV

PCBFC Rex on Display at the Cenex LCV

Here it is! The Renault Kangoo with a Bramble Energy PCBFC range extender has finally been unveiled and is on display today at the Cenex LCV event at the Millbrook Proving Ground.

The Kangoo can now be seen with a 5 kW Bramble Energy PCBFC system mounted on a (covered) roof rack and brings to an end to the IDP13 InnovateUK funded project.

As Bramble Energy’s first foray into the automotive world, we’re very pleased with the progress made and the tech learning involved during this project. Bramble Energy will continue to develop and test a host of different products over the coming months, including range extenders of varying sizes, energy densities and cooling technologies.

For more information on the Cennex LCV click HERE

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