Net Zero 2050

Net Zero 2050

The UK government announced its intention to put into law the target of being a net zero carbon economy by 2050. Putting to one side the inevitable caveats that will be applied to this target it is an important step in protecting future generations’ quality of life and the environment at large.

It is patently true that in order to achieve the net zero target, the energy mix needs to fundamentally change; in particular as a result of the removal of fossil fuel created energy. A key barrier to the adoption of a complete renewable energy system is the intermittency of this type of energy, as such in order for it to be a true replacement of the more reliable generation technologies it must be stored for subsequent deployment. As such with renewables, energy storage and the consumption of electrons rather than molecules the transition to the Age of Electrochemistry is well underway.

Hydrogen represents a fundamental part of this transition; it is easily stored, doesn’t degrade with time, can be deployed quickly and can be readily transported to where it’s needed. It is often forgotten that Hydrogen is used heavily in industrial processes and as such is much more common than you would think. The hydrogen that is currently used is often created from natural gas as it is a cheap industrial process, but the real opportunity is the coupling of water electrolysed hydrogen with renewable energy.

Hydrogen as a fuel is converted with fuel cells into electrical energy, heat and pure water. This means that not only can the electrification of mobility be achieved with hydrogen but also heating. This makes Hydrogen uniquely flexible as an energy carrier.

Transitioning our economy from where we are to net zero by 2050 provides an incredible opportunity to lead the world. This will provide high tech jobs and the opportunity for UK grown businesses, such as Bramble Energy, to be a global leader bringing huge benefits to UK plc.

Dr. Tom Mason

CEO, Bramble Energy

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