It’s All About Perspective

It’s All About Perspective

As we hope you know, at Bramble Energy we have a real passion for public engagement and education relating to hydrogen fuel cells and all things renewable energy. A few weeks ago, the Bramble Energy team were introduced to the wonderful Chaoyi Jing, a GCSE level student from Drayton Manor High school. Since then she’s been spending her time immersed in the Bramble Energy lab getting to grips with fuel cells and hydrogen.

We though we’d share with you what she thought about her experience at Bramble Energy, as well her take on what the younger generations think about renewable energy and specifically fuel cells:

“Having worked as an intern for Bramble Energy during my Summer Holiday I have learned a lot about hydrogen fuel cells. Nowadays, environmental problems are things that we as students are exposed to, and it is something that we focus on academically as well because it has already grown into a global problem. So it is quite interesting for me to actually see potential solutions to things like global warming because I have never seen technologies which can essentially help solve the problems. Before, in my Chemistry lessons I have learned about this type of clean energy, which actually produces only water as a “waste” product, with the knowledge that I had before, it was intriguing to know that all the machines that we use today can produce non-harmful by-products like water instead of other harmful substances like carbon dioxide, carbon particulates… So it was interesting to know that fuel cells actually exist. It should be used more regularly!”

— Chaoyi Jing, 16

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