Introducing PCBFC™ Gen. 2

Introducing PCBFC™ Gen. 2

The time to disrupt is now. Bramble has already brought a low cost, scalable and innovative solution to the market and now we have gone even further with our PCB-X™ platform.

Introducing PCBFC™ Gen. 2. Ready to be evaluated for your applications.

PCBFC™ Gen. 2 represents a 30% cost reduction from our Gen 1. Still with no Capex spend required. Making us the lowest cost fuel cell solution on the market.

With a focus on energy density, we have made significant advancements with our Gen. 2 – delivering 5.6kW/L and 3kW/kg* but we’re not stopping there. By the end of 2024, Gen. 2 will be up to >8.5kW/L and >4kW/kg.

*with an MEA performance @1.5W/cm2

PCBFC™ Gen. 2 is a milestone for the industry. Join us as disruptors and set yourself apart with our fuel cell technology.

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