Innovative: Design

Innovative: Design

Our patent protected panelised manufacturing route provides one of our most innovative features; design flexibility. As well as rapid turnaround from conception through to manufacture, the PCBFC is also flexible in design – it can be manufactured to any shape within the PCB panelised footprint (up to 600 x 450 mm in the UK). This means that the PCBFC can take a variety of form factors to fit any design criteria, such as the wing of a UAV or the frame of a bicycle for example.

The PCBFC’s innovation doesn’t stop there however. The simplicity of design and manufacture allows Bramble Energy to easily integrate any commercially available fuel cell components to change the optimum operating conditions with next to no increase in manufacturing cost or integration complexity. Similarly, the PCB itself can be manufactured using a range of different materials to change operating properties and durability; again with little to no added manufacturing complexity and tooling costs.

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