H20 in Final Stage Testing

Bramble Energy’s H20 is now in its final stages of ‘real world’ testing. These units are the final pre-production 20 W systems and are being used to power a range of typical user load profiles. These applications include LED strip lighting such as those used on building sites, a network of 300+ fairy lights such as those found in intimate off grid set ups, as well as alarm systems, phone charging and to power small pieces of equipment.

With these units now in their final stages of lab testing; the next and final step will see them rolled out in a range of operating environments; such as construction sites, a machinery workshop, car garage, garden and even a farm.

With a successful initial roll out of these units, we expect the commercial launch of the H20 unit to be near the end of 2019.

The uses for the H20 are countless and only a few have them have been listed here. If you have a specific application or set of conditions you’d be interested in testing the H20 in, get in touch and let’s make it happen!