Earth Day 2021: on the Green Road to Recovery

Earth Day 2021: on the Green Road to Recovery

Today is Earth Day and the focus of this year’s event is ‘Restore Our Earth’. As the world locked down against COVID-19, we started to see the extreme actions that will need to be taken for the Earth to be able to survive the climate crisis. It would be easy to think that all those lockdown hours offered the Earth enough respite to recover even in a small way but as the world starts to reopen, figures show that ‘global carbon emissions in 2021 are projected to bounce back significantly, marking what could be the second-largest annual increase recorded.’ As we speak, President Joe Biden has pledged ‘to cut carbon emissions in the US by 50-52% below 2005 levels by the end of the decade’ but what does this mean for the future of towns and cities that have relied upon sectors that are the biggest offenders in carbon emissions?

At Bramble Energy, our mission is to provide solutions to reach #NetZero. Moving to our new HQ, based in Crawley has shown us the importance of building back better on a global and regional scale. Gatwick Airport has obviously been the centre of Crawley for over 50 years but when the pandemic hit it caused irreparable damage to the aviation industry and the local area, giving food for thought on what the future could look like for Crawley and other locations like it across the UK. This could be the chance to set a new course, perhaps less reliant on the airport as it has functioned for all these years and more focused on green technology.

Although it is more than likely that the aviation industry will bounce back later this year as travel starts to reopen again, there are now viable options being explored that could make it green and sustainable. Hydrogen is increasingly considered as one of the most promising zero-emission technologies for air travel. Even in the last year there has been commercial scale hydrogen plane take off from the runways in the UK.

When looking at the climate crisis on a global scale, it can be overwhelming but as a business working to be a part of the solution, Bramble Energy is seeing the efforts that are being made across the UK to #buildbackbetter. There are several innovative green companies that work alongside us in Manor Royal who are also focused on reaching net zero goals and it gives us hope that this is our chance to achieve a truly green future. Crawley has offered us access to high quality engineers and designers who come from a whole host of backgrounds, bringing with them vast experience and the innovative thinking we need to meet climate goals. We are going to be reliant on a number of renewable technologies working together to get us there. This involves a mix of solar, wind, batteries and hydrogen to name just a few but from what we are seeing on the ground this can be achieved in Crawley – and the rest of the world!

Our COO, Vidal Bharath recently spoke to BBC Radio Sussex about Crawley being a green hub and the work Bramble Energy is doing.

Bramble Energy Team

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