Case Study: Adaptability

Case Study: Adaptability

Bramble Energy has long boasted of the benefits of manufacturing it’s PCBFC™ through the printed circuit board (PCB) industry and the advantages that can be realised due to  the technology’s simplicity, scalability and adaptability.

Simply put, manufacturing fuel cells through the PCB industry which has standardised manufacturing processes, routes and components allows rapidly adaptive manufacturing of fuel cells akin to typical PCB boards and componentry used in many industries.

This allows Bramble Energy to turn around new fuel cell designs in a matter of days rather than months (or years) as would typically be the case with other fuel cell manufacturers.

The thing is; talking about the advantages of a revolutionary technology is easy, actually demonstrating it is something different.

Below is a real-life case study of one of our recent interactions with a FTSE100 listed OEM looking to integrate a Bramble Energy PCB unit into one of their latest prototype products.

After an initial conversation and quote, Bramble Energy received a purchase order from the OEM, and here’s what happened:

Day 1: Bramble Energy receive the PO from the OEM

Day 2: A single day of technical design work was required to generate the required manufacturing data pack

Day 3: Data pack sent to the PCB supplier for quotation

Day 4-7: Design tooled, processed, manufactured and QC’d at the PCB manufacturer. Bespoke MEAs made at Bramble Energy and sent to PCB plant for inclusion in assembly

Day 8: Units shipped to Bramble Energy.

Day 9: Units processed at Bramble Energy HQ for performance testing. Packaged and shipped to customer.

Bramble Energy’s cost-effective production turn around is completely unrivalled by any other fuel cell manufacturer. This is of course only one of our many advantages, and you can read more about the Bramble Energy technology and cost advantages HERE.

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