Bramble Energy’s CEO, Dr Tom Mason on Climate Change

Bramble Energy’s CEO, Dr Tom Mason on Climate Change

Human derived climate change is a crisis; and finally now declared by the UK parliament. The danger of ignoring this crisis is not just the irreparable damage to the environment but the life limiting effects for large swathes of the global population, not just in the animal kingdom but ours as well.

Part of the solution is for companies like Bramble Energy to enable products and services that not only drastically reduce emissions, but also provide a comparative or better consumer experience. This mechanism ensures that customers are pulled towards the transition to low carbon solutions rather than being pushed to do so.

As a result of the necessary movement away from the ubiquitous use of fossil fuels, the age of electrochemistry is dawning. Hydrogen is not only the most common element in the universe but as an energy vector it enables the storage and transportation of energy in a lightweight and durable solution. Hydrogen is uniquely placed to not only take out the carbon emissions of mobility and power generation but also as an essential element in desperate fight against decarbonisation of heating.

Globally some of the most exciting movements towards a hydrogen economy are happening in Asia and specifically China. With battery technology now effectively a commodity the subsidy landscape is dramatically shifting to support the rapid growth of hydrogen technologies both at an infrastructure and product levels. The extensive resources being deployed in China are pulling the rest of the world with it, and thus the reality of global hydrogen powered mobility solutions is significantly nearer than some would have you believe.

For me, it is a privilege to lead a team developing an exciting  and innovative technology that aims to make a real impact in fighting #climatebreakdown as we progress on our mission to be the dominant hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Dr. Tom Mason

CEO, Bramble Energy

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