Bramble Energy : Why?

Bramble Energy : Why?

As a founder of Bramble Energy I often get asked how the company began and what we are trying to achieve. I can’t speak for my co-founders but I can attempt to shed light on my motivations.

The concept behind Bramble Energy formed over a decade ago at two of the best universities in the world by two world-leading academics. The rationale was relatively simple, having in-depth knowledge of the state of the art fuel cell technology, a major problem stood in the path to commercialisation: Cost. In order to get traditional fuel cell tech to be competitive on cost, large volume production was required and the Capex required to get there was significant.

The innovation behind Bramble Energy is the use of the printed circuit board (PCB) materials and construction with a novel protection layer created at Imperial College. The key benefit being that from a manufacturing perspective, the capacity is already in place. Globally.

A key motivator for our team is to be a part of the solution to tackling #ClimateBreakdown. In order for humanity to keep climatic warming below 1.5 °C we need rapid and decisive movement towards adoption of renewable power. This power must be stored during times of surplus and mobile so that it can be used when and where it’s needed. These attributes are going to be what makes hydrogen such an important part of the story as we transition from the ubiquitous use of fossil fuels to the #AgeofElectrochemistry.

Hydrogen, as long as it’s green, is a crucial part of the future energy mix with its potential to decarbonise heat generation and motive power. Bramble Energy is able to provide a cost effective, scalable hydrogen fuel cell technology and as such is poised to play a major role in the protection of our fragile planet.

Dr. Tom Mason, CEO

Bramble Energy