Bramble Energy H20 Prototype Run Undergoing Build

Bramble Energy H20 Prototype Run Undergoing Build

Bramble Energy have just taken delivery of our first run of 5 prototype H20 systems (pictured) and don’t they look great!

Over the next few weeks these systems will be built up and tested in the lab and in a range of other facilities and operating conditions.

Bramble Energy’s 20 W units offer a truly dynamic power source that could be used for a range of applications. Whether you’re looking for a portable or stationary unit to provide an uninterrupted long term power solution for sensors, lighting, CCTV or surveillance or for more dynamic power delivery such as sailing navigation systems, Bramble Energy’s H20 fuel cell system can handle it all.

These 20 W units will form part of BOC’s (a member of the Linde Group) Hymera range and will be available directly through their sales channel which you can find HERE.

Over the next few weeks, these units will undergo rigorous optimisation in a variety of locations and conditions to simulate the toughest possible user applications and we expect them to be commercially available in the early months of 2019.

Do you have an application for the H20 system? Is there a specific set of conditions that you’d like to see us test it in? If so get in touch using the ‘contact us’ section by clicking HERE, or email us at enquiries@brambleenergy.com and of course by following us our on social media handle @brambleenergy