Adapting… #garageblog 1 #stayathome

Adapting… #garageblog 1 #stayathome

The world is going through a transformative time. Never before have we seen such unprecedented change happen so quickly.

You may be wondering how we at Bramble Energy are getting on?

But before we regale you with our tales over the last few weeks and our master plans going forward we want to take a moment to remind you all to #stayathome, be heroes and save lives!

So here’s our story so far …

With laboratory facilities based across two world leading universities, you can never be too careful. Universities are brilliant hotbeds of genius and creativity, with ideas and theories that spread and develop … quickly.

Hedging our bets with news surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bramble Energy management made the tough decision to up sticks and set up an isolated satellite facility where we could continue to operate, should the worst occur. So, having filled up the back of a car and a few van loads, we were on our way out!

With the necessary equipment in tow, we had everything we needed to continue our R&D programs, product testing and development work. Demonstrating the agile nature of not just our technology but also our business, we were well on our way; down to our new satellite facility in an East Sussex garage, attached to one of our houses.

It’s fair to say, that the set up has not been without issue, and we’re very pleased so many of our suppliers are still open for business!

The initial set up is slightly crude and unpolished. But importantly functional and representative of how our fuel cell products will be used in the real world.

Over the coming days more and more of our testing facilities will come online and the lab will only ever be managed by one person at a time to ensure that we continue to comply with social distancing rules.

And despite the silly hats and chilly fingers, work continues at Bramble Energy, our testing facilities are now set up, we’re still designing and iterating fuel cells as we continue to be open for business, albeit, from home

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we update you on our progress and more stories from our #Garageblog

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