A Very Bramble Conversation: Adaptability

A Very Bramble Conversation: Adaptability

We’ve had a fantastic interaction with a potential customer, so good in fact, we thought we’d share it with you. We think this really highlights Bramble Energy’s adaptability claims for the PCBFC. Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter at www.brambleenergy.com and follow us on Twitter @brambleenergy.

Q: I’d like to buy a fuel cell stack to integrate into a bespoke product of our own design – what size stacks do Bramble Energy sell and what’s the kind of footprint you’re working with.

A: Bramble Energy are able to supply you almost any size fuel cell stack in virtually any arrangement depending on your requirements. We’re adaptable and can manufacture your bespoke stack with you guiding the design process.

Q: Surely you mean I can choose from some of the stacks your line can actually make? I couldn’t for example have something that would be the shape of my UAV wing, now can I?

A: Well, actually you can … Bramble Energy don’t have a ‘line’. We contract manufacture using the well-established PCB manufacturers around the world. This means that not only do we have flexibility in design, we can change the shape of your fuel cell to fit your integration purposes – a truly bespoke design.

Q: That’s innovative. But I imagine that system redesign will be very time consuming and this is a project I’m looking to get off the ground in a matter of weeks rather than months.

A: This is actually Bramble Energy’s trump card. We’re able to design your system, have it manufactured, tested and delivered in as little as 10 days.

Q: Presumably though for all this bespoke design, manufacture and quick turnaround its going to cost me an arm and a leg?

A: You’d think so, but no. Due to our PCB standardised production route and materials we can manufacture at a relatively fixed panel cost. So depending on how complex your shape is you can still fit to the panel and maximise the manufacturing area.