60 Watt?

60 Watt?

With the H20 system closing in on a commercial launch in early 2020, we thought we’d let you in on a project we’ve been quietly developing in the background.

It’s 60W bigger brother

The 60W product, currently internally code named K60 (Kahuna) has been under development for a few months now and is today undergoing its first run of lab testing.

As you can see, K60 carries the same design vocabulary as the H20 product and the additional 40 W comes form only an added 15mm of head room!

K60 is designed to provide a continuous rated power output of 60 W when supplied with hydrogen and operates in much the same way as the H20 unit. So if you’re looking for a bigger, beefier version of our 20 W system, look no further!

60 W offers the perfect system size to cover applications spanning from battery charging for marine and motor homes to security systems, to name just a few.

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Stay tuned for updates and something even more special next week…