Range Extender

Bramble Energy’s PCBFC Range Extender

Range extenders (REx) are changing the face of the transportation sector. Whether that is in the form of small petrol engines or fuel cells, they can be used to recharge a car’s batteries such as in a BMW i3 or a Nikola truck.

They are used not only to extend the range on EV’s, but also to make them more user friendly. Range extenders drive an electric generator which charges the battery pack, which which in turn supplies the vehicle's electric motor with electricity to move. When sized correctly, the REx can significantly reduce the ‘charging time’ required to fuel the vehicle whilst providing a longer driving range.

Whilst the internal combustion engine REx has been around for a while in the Toyota Prius for example , why not use this existing drive train technology with a fuel cell.  Compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than current battery technologies and the only emission from converting the hydrogen to electricity is water. These benefits can extend the range of EVs without compromising its status as a non-carbon emitting vehicle.  Moreover, they benefit from the refuelling times of conventional petrol and hybrid cars.

While the likes of Toyota and Hyundai have remained innovative in this sector by producing non-hybrid fuel cell cars, they have become prohibitively expensive to consumers when there are no subsidies in place.  This is exactly why we can’t ditch the batteries; they provide instant power and enable the use of a smaller fuel cell stack, decreasing the cost to the end-user.

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Bramble Energy’s Range extender technology

Bramble Energy have been developing an innovative modular range extender solution for applications from 1.25 kW up to 200 kW. Because of our unique manufacturing route, we are able to avoid bulky end plate compression technology. This means that our solution can provide a truly distributed power source.

Simply put a fuel cell that can be distributed across the vehicle for better weight and storage distribution. Want to find out more about our REx technology? Click the button below.

Below shows 4 modular 1.25 kW stacks retrofitted to a Renault Kangoo roof rack as a range extender. Read more about this HERE.

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