Portable Power

Bramble Energy’s portable power whenever, wherever

For compact and silent running, fuel cell generators are replacing both batteries and internal combustion engines as sources of power for portable applications.

Ranging from recharging units for personal electronics and ‘soldier power’ to the portable power sources used by professionals and others whose work or leisure activities require power in places disconnected from the electricity grid.

Bramble Energy’s portable fuel cell devices provide the perfect solution when you need to supply low power output applications for an extended length of time. They provide the ideal low weight, quick recharge solution that batteries alone cannot. Check out our stationary power applications page for more information on bigger systems and uses.

The PCBFC™ has an adaptable design configuration to allow easy OEM integration into novel applications of all shapes, sizes and power requirements.


At Bramble Energy we have a range of portable power fuel cell solutions. Whether you’re looking for a small 20 W system for low power applications or to integrate a stack of a different size into your own product or project. To find out more check out our products on the link below or contact us directly HERE.

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