IDP13: Low Emission Vehicle Systems - Project Update

fuel cell range exteender

The IDP13 project will come to an end this quarter. The finished product – a Renault Kangoo with 5 kW of Bramble Energy’s PCBFC integrated will be on display at the Cenex LCV in September. For further information about the Cenex LCV event click here.

Bramble Energy are very pleased with the progress made on our 1.25 kW PCBFC stacks which supply this project. For the first time, as part of this project the PCBFC modules have had electronics boards mounted directly to them as pictured. Over the next few months, we will continue to develop these bigger systems and introduce exciting new technology developments into testing. For the latest product and project developments, keep an eye on our website ( and social media channels (@brambleenergy).

Vidal BharathComment