Bramble Energy at the Shell Eco-marathon

fuel cell demonstrator

Bramble Energy were very honoured to be invited to the Shell Eco-marathon between the 5th – 8th July as part of BOC’s (a member of the Linde Group) ‘meet the hydrogen and fuel cell experts’ stand. The purpose of our presence was not only to assist the 25 teams running fuel cells and hydrogen within their vehicles, but also to demystify the complexity that some teams have felt around the integration of fuel cells in the past. We’re hoping that our deconstructed 20 W system (pictured) has somewhat revealed the system’s simplicity and will lead to teams integrating Bramble Energy fuel cells in the future.

The deconstructed system is a 20 W unit destined to become one of BOC’s Hymera H20 systems and it has been mounted on a demonstrator board to show off exactly what’s involved in our fuel cell system. The system is powering a double fan assembly and really is as simple as it looks. For more information on the Shell Eco-marathon click here. For more information on the progress and launch of our 20 W system keep an eye on our social media channels (@brambleenergy) and here on our website.