Modular PCBFC Stacks

This Modular Bramble Energy PCBFC stack is an air cooled, hydrogen fuel cell suitable for many large scale projects and uses. It's typical uses include backup power and small automotive applications. The modular nature of this stack allows power to be distributed for weight sensitive applications and to improve user integration.

That means unlike other fuel cell companies, we can help to provide a solution to your integration needs, rather than you integrating a single monolithic block. Want to find out more? Click the Contact us button below.


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  • Silent operation

  • Highly integratable

  • Can provide a distributed power solution

  • Works with all industrial grade hydrogen and can deliver battery-like performance with several times the energy density of a lead-acid battery

  • Minimal servicing required

  • High efficiencies

  • No point of use greenhouse gas emissions or particulates

  • Lower cost of ownership compared to petrol or diesel generators

  • Ideal solution for long-term operation