H20: 20 W PCBFC system

This Bramble Energy PCBFC is a 20 W, air cooled, hydrogen fuel cell suitable for many small projects and uses.


The 20 W hydrogen PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell generator is capable of delivering 20 W of DC electrical power for off-grid and backup power applications. It is ideal for supplying power to continuous loads running on 12V or 24V rechargeable batteries. Typical applications include remote monitoring and lighting systems or security cameras. The system is fuelled with readily available industrial hydrogen.

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  • UPS battery extender

  • Domestic back-up power

  • Portable camping power

  • Noise and environmental monitoring systems

  • Fence electrification

  • Security camera and surveillance equipment

  • Advertising displays

  • Wildlife monitoring

  • And many more ...


  • Silent and portable

  • Works with all industrial grade hydrogen and can deliver battery-like performance with several times the energy density of a lead-acid battery

  • Minimal servicing required

  • High efficiencies

  • No point of use greenhouse gas emissions or particulates

  • Lower cost of ownership compared to petrol or diesel generators

  • Ideal solution for long-term operation


  • Single-sided operational face simplifies OEM integration

  • Remote start/stop

  • Intelligent Li-ion battery hybridisation

  • Factory settable output voltage

  • Simple, single LED status indicator