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dr. Tom Mason



Tom completed his PhD in 2013 from UCL. Since 2013 Tom has led the engineering and manufacturing development of PCBFC™ at UCL as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, which included the role of technical lead of the £1.4M InnovateUK funded manufacturing project (101979). As a co-founder of Bramble Energy Tom joined the company as a director and Chief Technology Officer when the company spun-out of the universities in late 2016 before moving to CEO in September 2017.


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Erik completed his PhD at UCL in 2017. During Erik’s time at UCL he raised over £15k to execute public engagement projects related to electrochemical technologies and was recognized by the IChemE and RAEng for his contributions. Erik brings experience in fuel cell stack and systems design and rapid prototyping expertise. He joined Bramble Energy as Head of Engineering in late 2016.


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dr. Erik Engebretsen

Head of Engineering


dr. Vidal Bharath

Head of Operations

Vidal Completed his PhD in 2017 at UCL. Through a 2 year Teaching Fellowship in the department of Chemical Engineering at UCL and extensive public engagement activities, he gained experience in both supply chain management and the development and commissioning of hybridised portable fuel cell systems. Vidal joined Bramble as Head of Operations in mid 2017.


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With Anthony Kucernak, Dan is a co-inventor of Bramble’s core technology. He is Professor of Electrochemical Engineering at UCL, a leading expert on electrochemical energy conversion and storage and one of the most published academics in the UK in the area of fuel cells.

His research has attracted over £16million and Dan has been recognised by the award of the 2009 De Nora Prize from the International Society of Electrochemistry for his ‘outstanding contribution to fuel cell and battery research’, and the 2011 Baker Medal from the Institute of Civil Engineers.

Dan is co-founder of the UCL Electrochemical Innovation Lab that provides a sandpit environment where basic science meets industrial development, leading to the exploitation of new technologies and creation of spin-out companies.


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prof. dan brett

Director of Innovation


prof. anthony kucernak


With Dan Brett, Anthony is co-inventor of Bramble’s core technology. Anthony combines his responsibilities at Bramble with his role as Deputy Director of the Energy Futures Laboratory and Professor of Chemical Physics at Imperial College.

He has over 25 years in the development of electrochemical energy devices including batteries, fuel cells, photoelectrochemical devices, redox flow batteries, and new methods for studying such systems. He has published over one hundred and twenty refereed articles, and is inventor/co-inventor on ten patents.


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