For when you need clean, reliable, and low-maintenance energy

This solution is perfect for situations that require low-output power that lasts. Whether that’s on a site without grid connection, for existing solutions that need supplementary energy, or equipment that needs small but consistent input.

Portable power solutions represent an accessible way to integrate sustainable energy into your operations. Available in different sizes, wattage, or stacks, the possibilities are endless.

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  • Back-up power

    Bramble’s portable solutions can be used to top up batteries, extending their life, reduce maintenance or to provide a reliable failsafe.

  • Temporary power

    Portable solutions are a low-cost, easy to install, and clean alternative to generators for powering low-output or temporary equipment when mains connection isn’t available.

  • Hybrid solution

    Portable power solutions seamlessly fit into existing ecosystems of energy alternatives, from solar to wind to multiple renewable sources working together.

A standard diesel generator emits roughly 1.27kg of CO2 per kWh

Bramble’s portable hydrogen fuel cell can provide power for up to 30 days

Benefits of fuel cells for portable power

  • Long-lasting power

    Our portable applications are reliable, longer lasting than traditional alternatives and can support 24/7 power as part of an ecosystem of solutions.

  • Low maintenance and costs

    Our portable applications need infrequent maintenance, replacement or refuelling and are quick to recharge – saving you time and money.

  • Environmentally sustainable

    Bramble portable power is zero emission at point of use, making them a great choice for Net Zero or sustainable goals.

  • Hydrogen and Net Zero strategies

    These applications are also an easy way to introduce and trial hydrogen technologies before integrating it into your energy strategy.

  • Silent and discreet

    If you need power in a residential or covert use case, our portable power solutions are completely silent, small and can be deployed out of sight.

Portable fuel cell use cases

We are continually developing our use cases. With flexible and customisable technology, we can accommodate any use case you can dream up. Here are just a few of the ways portable power can be applied.

  • Highways infrastructure

  • Sensors & monitoring

  • Environmental

  • Lighting systems

  • Mobile & communications

  • Construction equipment

  • Surveillance & CCTV

Portable power projects

  • Bramble Energy Awarded Government Funding From Beis as Part of Phase 1 of the Red Diesel Replacement Competition

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Whether you want to test, innovate, or scale your sustainable solutions, Bramble’s proven technology and expertise can accelerate your vision.