Take your electric vehicles further with hydrogen fuel cells.

The mobility industry is being driven by electrification and sustainable automotives. Bramble’s hydrogen fuel cells empower this transformation, with better performance, cost, and accessibility than a standard BEV.

From commercial vehicles to public transport, extend the uptime and range of your existing battery, or leverage a new prime power. Fuel cells are the sustainable choice for electric motors – using compressed hydrogen to produce nothing but electricity and water.

Bramble’s adaptable designs deliver scalable power for all areas of mobility.

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Bramble’s PCBFC™ Advantages

  • Low cost

  • Scalable

  • Rapid

  • Customisable

  • Global

Fuel cells can be refuelled quickly and will continue to generate power so long as they are fed with hydrogen fuel. They are highly efficient devices (50-60 per cent compared to an average of around 20 per cent for internal combustion engines)

Looking for efficiency?

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  • Lightweight

    From consumer cars to drones, commercial or not, our flexible fuel cells work perfectly to extend batteries or power lightweight forms without compromising on quality, speed or stability.

  • Heavy duty

    Our fuel cells offer higher power density to support bigger use cases, and can be easily integrated with batteries to provide higher payload, higher uptime, better power distribution and longer range.

  • Fleet operations

    Hydrogen fuel cells are a low-cost, high asset uptime, and highly scalable solution for fleet vehicles - supporting both high performance and Net Zero operations.

Benefits of fuel cells for mobility

  • Lower cost of ownership

    From cost-efficient manufacturing and packaging to longer lasting power and maintenance – our fuel cells are built to reduce your costs from start to finish.

  • Tailored designs for every vehicle

    Our streamlined designs accommodate different shapes and modular stacks. Whatever your use case, we can optimise for performance, stability, power and storage distribution, and more.

  • Higher performance in every way

    Last longer and go further. Using a fuel cell increases the range, operational lifecycle, and durability of your batteries, while reducing the components and weight.

  • Rapid refuelling

    Hydrogen fuel cells are quick and easy to refuel – saving you valuable time day to day, or throughout fleet operations. Plus, battery charging time is cut drastically.

  • Efficient power for EVs

    Our fuel cells are well-matched for EVs. A higher voltage per cell improves the integration and power efficiency for these architectures.

  • Net Zero

    Bramble’s solutions are zero emission at point of use, aiding you to meet Net Zero, CO2 and sustainable regulatory targets.

Mobility fuel cell use cases

We are continually developing our use cases. With flexible and customisable technology, we can accommodate any use case you can dream up. Here are just a few of the ways fuel cells can be applied in mobility.

  • Off-highway

  • On-highway

  • Cars

  • Buses & coaches

  • Public transport

  • Trucks

  • Drones

  • Aviation

Mobility projects

  • Lightweight Range Extension

    Bramble worked with MAHLE Powertrain to integrate a 5kW PCB fuel cell stack into a Renault Kangoo Z.E. to act as a range extender.

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  • UK Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF)

    Funded by the Advanced Propulsion centre UK, Bramble’s PCBFC™ Range Extender feasibility study will develop a business case for the automotive sector.

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  • Bramble Energy Teams Up With Integration Partner, Mahle Powertrain

    Bramble Energy are excited to announce that we have teamed up with integration partner, MAHLE

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  • Bramble Energy Ready to Scale With Government Funding

    Bramble Energy has secured government funding from the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) as part of the Automotive Transformation Fund (ATF)

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  • Bramble Energy Secures £12 Million Funding to Provide First-of-its-kind Fuel Cell Technology to Hydrogen Bus Project

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Harness clean energy technology today

Whether you want to test, innovate, or scale your sustainable solutions, Bramble’s proven technology and expertise can accelerate your vision.