Implement forward-thinking zero emission solutions without compromising performance

Hydrogen fuel cells can augment or solely power marine vessels with scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Our designs can be highly customised to suit marine conditions – for more durable and safe energy usage throughout the vessel’s lifecycle.

From shipping to port operations, in-land and open seas, Bramble’s solutions can accelerate the decarbonisation of marine sectors.

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  • Reduced risk

    Reduce the risks of having fuel onboard. Our fuel cell solutions can be deployed in separated components, produce zero emissions and longer lifespans allow you to minimise the quantity of fuel onboard for increased safety.

  • Safety features

    We understand the need to maximise safety through materials and assembly techniques, and can implement appropriate design features such as double-walled piping and hydrogen contained in zones.

  • Customer systems

    We can work with you in various stages of your project, from design and prototyping to certification and productisation.

The shipping industry is responsible for around 3% of the world’s GHG emissions

The maritime industry must cut emissions by 50% by 2050

Benefits of fuel cells for marine

  • Adaptable for different vessels

    Our fuel cells accommodate different shapes, vessel sizes and space needs. Scale power for larger vessels by adding more fuel cell stacks.

  • Net Zero

    With zero emissions at point of use, hydrogen fuel cells are a safe and sustainable solution that support CO2, Net Zero, or GHG targets.

  • Superior marine protection

    Our solutions can be optimised against the challenges of marine environments, such as erosion and vibrations, to deliver the most reliable solution for your use case.

  • Long range and lifespan

    For vessels running long or frequent routes, or needing long-term stationary power for port operations, hydrogen fuel cells provide extended battery life and a durable lifespan.

  • Low lifecycle costs

    Using PCB technology, our manufacturing process and packaging are extremely cost-effective. Low maintenance costs give you an affordable zero-emission solution long-term.

Marine fuel cell use cases

We are continually developing our use cases. With flexible and customisable technology, we can accommodate any use case you can dream up. Here are just a few of the ways fuel cells can be applied in marine sectors.

  • High-speed boats

  • Hovercraft

  • Freight ships

  • Fleet operations

  • Ports

Marine projects

  • Hovercraft feasibility study

    Consortium delivering the Zero Emission Hydrogen Powered Hovercraft - an 8-month feasibility study which aims to de-risk the key barriers to zero-emission hovercraft operations.

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  • Bramble Energy Receives Government Funding to Tackle Maritime Decarbonisation

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  • Zero Emission Hydrogen Usv Design Wins Cmdc Round 2 Funding

    Bramble Energy and Sea-Kit International has secured funding through Round 2 of the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC).

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  • World’s First Hydrogen Boat Powered By Printed Circuit Board Fuel Cell Technology Completes Real-World Testing

    Bramble has achieved a milestone in marine history by launching the world’s first hydrogen-electric boat powered by a printed circuit board fuel cell (PCBFC™).

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Whether you want to test, innovate, or scale your sustainable solutions, Bramble’s proven technology and expertise can accelerate your vision.