For low power applications, the PCBFC™ can be used to power security cameras, work site & event lighting and performance monitors for critical infrastructure such as oil & gas pipelines.

PEMFC systems are being used to back-up an increasing proportion of the world’s telecoms towers where silent, non-polluting, long run time autonomous operation are key considerations. The Bramble PCBFC™ design makes it ideal for back-up and primary power generation.

On a larger scale, PEMFC systems have a proven application in providing primary power to industrial and civil installations in areas where the electrical grid supply is limited, unreliable or uneconomic.

Portable fuel cell


For compact and silent running, fuel cell generators are replacing both batteries and internal combustion engines as sources of power for portable applications.

Ranging from recharging units for personal electronics and ‘soldier power’ to the portable power sources used by professionals and others whose work or leisure activities require power in places disconnected from the electricity grid.

The PCBFC™ has an adaptable design configuration to allow easy OEM integration into novel applications of all shapes, sizes and power requirements.


Automotive & MOBILITY

Rapid refuelling and high peak power densities have resulted in PEMFCs beginning to replace lead acid batteries as the primary power source for fork lift trucks in large US and UK based warehouses. 

Many major automotive companies such as Honda, Toyota, GM and Hyundai are currently marketing passenger cars powered by PEMFCs. 

Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ meets the DOE 2020 automotive costs targets today.

In the skies, PEMFCs are being used to power a new generation of fixed wing UAVs. The light weight and versatile form factor of the Bramble Energy PCBFC™ makes it an ideal power source for fixed wing and quadcopter UAVs.