Meet Our Women
Leading the Way

From those at the nerve centre of our engineering functions to vital background project management and logistics, our women are shaping the future of the cleantech sector with their own indelible mark.

We believe in the transformative power of diversity and inclusion. And we believe that fostering a culture where every individual feels valued and heard is not only the right thing to do, it is a strategic advantage for Bramble. Breaking down traditional barriers in recruitment, such as gender, has been instrumental in attracting and retaining top-tier talent.

Meet the women at Bramble Energy, and their own motivations for entering the cleantech sector:


Aisling is a Customer Solutions Manager at Bramble Energy. She has a strong background in energy technologies, and holds a Masters in Natural Sciences.

Aisling’s passion for the cleantech sector grew during her Royal Society of Chemistry funded internship, where she contributed to the development of materials for lithium-ion batteries in Innovate UK projects. This passion led her to research roles for commercial programmes and sparked an interest in the hydrogen economy and its core technologies.

“For me, the key to addressing generational challenges like global warming lies in fostering open conversations and creating an inclusive environment. By harnessing a diverse range of expertise and perspectives, we can unlock valuable insights and find solutions that resonate with everyone. I love that my job allows me to contribute to this collective effort.”


Floria is Head of Intellectual Property (IP) at Bramble Energy. A trained chemist with a robust STEM background, she combines technical and legal expertise to navigate the intricate landscape of IP. 

Born in Italy’s Dolomites, she earned a degree in Industrial Chemistry from the historic University of Bologna; an academic journey that continued with a PhD in Organometallic Chemistry, where she delved into polymers creation and problem-solving. To bridge her technical knowledge with legal expertise, Floria pursued a Master’s in Intellectual Property Management and a Graduate Diploma in English Law. This multidisciplinary foundation underpins her role at Bramble, where she collaborates across departments, safeguards innovations, and drafts strategic contractual arrangements.

I find great pleasure in the intersection of innovation and law that my role in IP offers. Working with engineers and scientists to unravel inventions, understanding their commercial potential, and crafting strategies to protect them is not only intellectually stimulating but also very gratifying. It’s like weaving synergies between technical brilliance, legal precision and commercial reality. Witnessing these innovations coming to fruition is truly rewarding. Always curious. Always learning.”


Sofia is an Instrumentation Engineer and is currently part of Bramble Energy’s Test Team. Originally from Greece – where she studied Chemical Engineering – her expertise extends to control processes, thermometry, and heat transfer. Alongside a PhD in two-phase flow in microchannels, Sofia’s commitment to continuous learning led her to complete a postdoctoral research position in the same field.

Her experience extends beyond academia, having gained valuable insights into non-contact thermometry solutions for harsh environments and the development of defect detection methods for PEM fuel cell membranes during her time at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

Inspired by her work in the fuel cell industry, Sofia sought to make a tangible impact on the environment and society by leveraging her expertise in innovative technologies and heat transfer.

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“It’s super motivating for a chemical engineer to work with the cutting-edge innovative technology of PCB fuel cells. I enjoy the constant challenges, collaboration with different teams, and the opportunity to make a direct impact on the environment and society, contributing to the growth and innovation of the industry.”