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  • Dr Tom MasonMore

    Dr Tom Mason


  • Dr Vidal BharathMore

    Dr Vidal Bharath


  • Sara TelfordMore

    Sara Telford


  • Andy WardMore

    Andy Ward

    Engineering Director

  • Paul BarnardMore

    Paul Barnard

    Technical Director

  • Damian GrayMore

    Damian Gray


  • Professor Dan BrettMore

    Professor Dan Brett

    Director of Innovation

  • Josie BirchallMore

    Josie Birchall

    People Director

  • Abhinav Kumar

    Abhinav Kumar

    Build Technician

  • Dr Ahmed Ramadan

    Dr Ahmed Ramadan

    Senior FEA Engineer

  • Aisling Elmer

    Aisling Elmer

    Customer Solutions Manager

  • Dr Alex Nielsen

    Dr Alex Nielsen

    Technology Innovation Scientist

  • Dr Alireza Sarmadian

    Dr Alireza Sarmadian

    Fuel Cell System Engineer

  • Andrew Stenning

    Andrew Stenning

    Fuel Cell Stack Engineer

  • Antonio Carrus

    Antonio Carrus

    Head of Quality

  • Dr Armin Arfaie

    Dr Armin Arfaie

    Modelling & Simulation Engineer

  • Aswin Raj Chandrasekaran

    Aswin Raj Chandrasekaran

    Embedded Software Engineer

  • Buzhou Wu

    Buzhou Wu

    Senior Model Based Software Engineer

  • Chris Powell

    Chris Powell

    Mechanical Design Engineer

  • Cristina De Bastos

    Cristina De Bastos

    Build Technician

  • Dr Cuneyt Karakaya

    Dr Cuneyt Karakaya

    Senior Electrolysis Engineer

  • David Piper

    David Piper

    Director of Portable Power

  • Dirk Van Schalkwyk

    Dirk Van Schalkwyk

    Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Elaine Olding

    Elaine Olding

    Facilities and Office Manager

  • Elle Farrington

    Elle Farrington

    People & Talent Co-Ordinator

  • Emily Young

    Emily Young


  • Emre Tavkaya

    Emre Tavkaya

    Senior Instrumentation Engineer

  • Dr Erik Engebretsen

    Dr Erik Engebretsen

    Chief Engineer - Fuel Cell Stacks

  • Ewan Bell

    Ewan Bell

    Software Engineer

  • Dr Floria Antolini

    Dr Floria Antolini

    Head of IP

  • Hanuma Yashwanth

    Hanuma Yashwanth

    MEA Engineer

  • Dr Jacek Lapinski

    Dr Jacek Lapinski

    Corrosion Lead

  • James Dale-Heaps

    James Dale-Heaps

    Fuel Cell Stack Engineer

  • James Hallifax

    James Hallifax

    Test Technician

  • James Mee

    James Mee

    Head of Test

  • Joe Wilkinson

    Joe Wilkinson

    Build Technician

  • Katharina Steier

    Katharina Steier

    Test Engineer

  • Kim Whiting

    Kim Whiting

    Junior Fuel Cell Stack Engineer

  • Lauren Wood

    Lauren Wood

    Finance Assistant

  • Liam Kelly

    Liam Kelly

    CNC Machinist

  • Louise Towes

    Louise Towes

    Science Test Technician

  • Luke Blyth

    Luke Blyth

    Design and Manufacturing Engineer

  • Marinely Perez

    Marinely Perez

    MEA Technician

  • Mark Bennett

    Mark Bennett

    Financial Controller

  • Mark Steggell

    Mark Steggell

    Senior Mechanical Design Engineer

  • Marnie Lake-Carroll

    Marnie Lake-Carroll

    Head of Commercial Operations

  • Masataka Yamakawa

    Masataka Yamakawa

    Business Development Director - Japan

  • Matthew Bidgway

    Matthew Bidgway

    Electrolysis and Platform Engineer

  • Matthew McNairney

    Matthew McNairney

    Business Development Analyst

  • Michael Downey

    Michael Downey

    Senior Project Manager

  • Michael Herridge

    Michael Herridge

    Fuel Cell Stack Technician

  • Mike McMahon

    Mike McMahon

    CAM Engineer

  • Mudassir Ahmed

    Mudassir Ahmed

    Electronics Engineer

  • Nathaniel Jenner

    Nathaniel Jenner

    Test Engineer

  • Nikolas Frangoulis

    Nikolas Frangoulis

    MEA Intern

  • Paul Beeden

    Paul Beeden

    Head of Production

  • Pinder Saini

    Pinder Saini

    Principal Electronics Engineer

  • Rambabu Gutru

    Rambabu Gutru

    Electrochemical Engineer

  • Rashid Butt

    Rashid Butt

    Fuel Cell Systems Engineer

  • Rebecca Stairs

    Rebecca Stairs

    Management Accountant

  • Dr Robin Pierce

    Dr Robin Pierce

    Passivation Chemist

  • Siobhan O’Sullivan

    Siobhan O’Sullivan

    People Business Partner

  • Simon Armour

    Simon Armour

    Principal Scientist

  • Dr Simon Jones

    Dr Simon Jones

    Science Director

  • Dr Sofia Korniliou

    Dr Sofia Korniliou

    Instrumentation Engineer

  • Squall Law

    Squall Law

    Project Manager

  • Steve Law

    Steve Law

    Director of PCB Manufacturing

  • Thomas Christie

    Thomas Christie

    Product Engineer

  • Tom Mann

    Tom Mann

    Test Technician

  • Tom Mayes

    Tom Mayes

    Test Operations Team Lead

  • Wiktoria Pikor

    Wiktoria Pikor

    Materials Test Engineer

  • William Knight

    William Knight

    Business Development Manager

  • Dr Will Nock

    Dr Will Nock

    Head of Projects

  • Will Treharne

    Will Treharne

    Head of Software


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