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Bramble Energy


 The only fuel cell company with Gigafactories.


About Us

Bramble Energy was born out of the desire to construct hydrogen fuel cells using materials and manufacturing techniques with well-established supply chains; thereby solving perhaps the greatest barriers to the adoption of fuel cells; manufacturing complexity, scale-up and cost.

We are now the only fuel cell company with the manufacturing capacity to supply gigawatts of fuel cell hardware.


Bramble Energy at Ecosummit 2019



Power to the people

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The H20 is a 20 W hydrogen fuel cell system suited for supplying power to continuous loads running on 12 V or 24 V rechargeable batteries such as remote monitoring sensors, lighting systems or security cameras.

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500 W stack

Looking for something a bit more powerful? Look no further than our 500 W stack for OEM integration. This stack is highly configurable and can be built to your specification.

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Modular stacks

For larger power applications, our distributed, modular and configurable fuel cells can be stacked and orientated in a variety of ways and may just be the solution you’re looking for.

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Custom design PCBFC

Like being a bit different? So do we. Get in touch with us to discuss the custom design options that Bramble Energy can offer you.

Why not delve a little deeper and understand exactly what makes us so unique.

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