Bramble Energy

The PCB Fuel Cell

The High-Performance, Low-Cost, Mass-Manufacturable Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell

The PCBFC™ fuel cell is a high-performance, low-cost, mass-manufacturable fuel cell stack architecture based on the use of printed circuit board (PCB) technology.

Developed using patented technology from Imperial College London and UCL, the PCBFC fuel cell can be used in a range of power generation applications ranging from consumer electronics to vehicle prime movers.

Key Technology Features

Low cost construction.

Rapid adaptation and manufacture of modules.

Long reliable operating life with integrated fault mitigation.

Mechanically robust, sealed-unit construction method with no need for bulky end-plates.


Stacks to suit design and space requirements.

Integrated power electronics for control benefits and space saving.

Manufactured using well-established printed circuit board fabrication with huge existing global manufacturing capacity.

MEA agnostic construction: applicable to the full range of MEA types and manufacturers.

Fault tolerance: flexible electrical configuration for continuity of performance even if there is an individual module failure.